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cathar castles in pyrenees

Visit the famous Cathar castles in France .

A small development before leaving your cozy mobile home , which you may be confirmed to the home of your camping and at home in the Pyrenees, located just at the entrance of the camping mill Alies Bridge .
First warning to the unwary traveler who must take care not to speak of the ” Cathar castles ” but ” Cathar castles in the country,” he does not want to incur the wrath of the guardians of the memory of this legendary country .
Why ?



Castles near the campsite

In this prestigious list, we can see that camping Mill Bridge Alies is close to these prestigious sites in their history, powerful and breathtaking architecture. Indeed, no less than three castles can be visited in an afternoon from the campsite .
Castle Puilaurens, 8 kms 15mn
Castle Queribus 35kms in 35 minutes
Castle Peyrepertuse 43 km in 50 minutes

If you look on the map of castles in Cathar country , you will see that campsite le Moulin du Pont d’Alies is ideally located for a recognition of these towering citadels and the Abbey of Saint Hilaire .


The location of the campsite, allow to visit in one afternoon: Castle Puilaurens Peyrepertuse CastleCastle Queribus – Castle of UssonCastle of ArquesPuivert Castle and Museum QuercorbThe castle of Montsegur
And return to the campsite at the end of  afternoon.

For the more remote sites, you can simply order a picnic to Mr. Laurent, the campsite manager of le moulin du Pont d’Aliès, for excursions to visit a little more distant castles.
The era of tourism awakened the sleeping citadels for our greatest pleasure, and now you can visit twenty Cathar castles.
We propose to explore the most prestigious.




Puilaurens cathar castle




Pays cathare château Puilaurens







Château pays cathare





Château Puilaurens dans l'aude

the courtyard of the castle of Puilaurens



Puilaurens cathar castle aude

Diving view of the castle

 Aude  valley Puilaurens

View of the Castle Valley Puilaurens


View of the Castle Valley Puilaurens

Castle Puilaurens
11140 Lapradelle-Puilaurens

Tel / fax: 04 68 20 65 26

Mail: chateau.puilaurens @ orange.fr

Opening hours
February, March (weekends and holidays) 10:00 am- 5:00 pm
April and 1 October to 15 November 10h-17h

May 10h-18h
June and September 10h-19h
July and August 9h-20h
Closed in January and from 16 November to 31 December
CAUTION: Latest visitors 30 minutes before closing





Individual Rates

Puilaurens cathar castel

Bottom view of the path of the Castle Puilaurens

Adult Tickets: € 4

Child (6-15 years): 2 €

Adult fare Passport: 3 €

Group rates 2013

from 10 people

Free tour: 3 € / person Duration: 1 hour
Picnic Area / Toilets/ Dogs allowed

Payment Methods Accepted

Cash / bank and postal checks / Credit Card / Holiday vouchers







cathar castle Peyrpertuse

castlePeyrepertuse pyrenees


pays cathar Peyrpertuse

crusade cathar castle Peyrepertuse Aude



Dhuilac Peyrepertuse Aude cathar


Peyrepertuse cathar castle




Opening hours

1st week of January, November and December: 10h-16h30

February: 10h-17h
March and October: 10h-18h
April: 9h30-19h
May, June and September: 9h-19h
July and August: 9h-20h
Closed the last 3 weeks of January
CAUTION Latest visitors 20 minutes before closing
individual rates
Adult Tickets: € 8.50 in July and August, € 6 the rest of the year
Child (6-15 years): 3 €
Passport adult fare: 7,50 € in July and August, € 5 the rest of the year
Audio guide: 4 €









aude cathar castle queribus
Cathare castle pyrenees


Opening hours

Your ticket to visit the castle entitles you to entry to the theater Achille Mir Cucugnan .

You can with an additional benefit from the audio guide


1st week of January , November and December : 10h -17h

February: 10h -17h30
March: 10h-18h
April, May , June, September : 9.30am- 19h
July and August : 9h -20h
October: 10h -18h30
Closed the last 3 weeks of January

Theater Achille Mir:

1ère semaine de janvier, novembre et décembre:  13h-18hcastle Queribus visit pays cathare

February: 13h-18h30
March: 10h-19h
April, May, June, September: 10h-20h
July and August: 10 am to 20:30
October: 13h-19h30
Closed the last 3 weeks of January

individual rates
Adult Tickets: € 5.5
Child (6-15 years): 3 €
Adult fare Passport: 4,5 €
Audio: 4 € and the second one offered

group rates
from 20 reservation
Tickets: 4 € / person Duration: 1 hour
Guided tour: 4 € / person + 65 € duration: 1:15

Services available on-site
Cultural Shop / Picnic Area / Toilet / Dogs allowed on leash
Payment Methods Accepted
Cash / bank and postal checks / Credit Card / Holiday vouchers / Eurocard-Mastercard




CASTEL PUIVERTPuivert castle


castle puivert detailscastle puivert history


cathar castle puivertSCHEDULE AND PRICES


Tour from April 1st reservation.


December 15 to April 30: 10 am to 17 pm

closed except during school holidays on Saturday all areas

From May 1 to November 15: 9 am to 19 pm

Annual closure: from 15 November to 15 December



Adults 5 €

Children (5-12 years) 3 €

Groups from 20 persons 4 €



 CASTLE MONTSÉGURMontsegur castle



Crusades Aude Cathar castle




Pays cathare castle Montsegur



Every day from February 1 to December 31 ( except Dec. 25 ) .

– February : 11 am to 16 pm (closed in case of very bad weather )
– March : 10 am to 17 pm
– April : 10 am to 18 pm
– May , June : 10 am to 18 pm ( no extra costs commented on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays at 14 h and 15 h visits).
– July , August : 9 am to 19 pm ( Commented no extra costs every day at 11 am , 13 h , 15 h and 16 h 30 visits).
– September : 10 am to 18 pm ( no extra costs commented on Saturdays and Sundays at 14 h and 15 h visits).
– October : 10 am to 17h.
– November : 11 am to 16 pm .
– December : 11 am to 16 pm (closed in case of very bad weather )

For guided tours (about an hour ), excluding those specified days and times above, they are available all year on reservation and for groups from 20 persons: conditions and booking guide to the Phone May 61 1 June 94 May 61 or January 10, 27
Groups under 20 people can however book a guided conditional to pay the minimum price for 20 people visit.

In case of bad weather , guided tours in the museum premises .

Dogs on leash are allowed .

RATES castle

open Houses

Individual .

Adults: € 4.50
Children 8-15 years : 2 €
Children under 8 years free

School groups ( 8-15 years ): 2 €
Adult groups (from 16 years): € 3.50

Individuals Guided tours scheduled at fixed days and hours May to September (see page Opening hours ) does not result in additional costs .

* Groups : School groups (8 to 15 years) : 4 €
Adult groups (from 16 years) : 5 €

open Houses
Individual : Adults: 2 €
Children 8-15 years : 1 €
Children under 8 years free

Discount tickets CASTLE MUSEUM + ( to take counter castle or museum )
FREE VISITS: Adults : 5 €
Child 8-15 years: € 2.50
Children under 8 years free



CASTEL of USSONcastle Usson



Opening hours 2013

20 February to 20 May 14h-18h
July and August 10h-13h and 15h -19h
From 1 to 15 September 14h-18h
CAUTION Last visit 45 minutes before closing

2013 Individual Rates
Adult Tickets: € 4.00
Child ( 6-15 years) : 2,10 €
Passport adult fare : 3,00 €
Group rates 2013
from 10 people
Free visit : 3,00 € / person , duration: 1:20
Guided tours by reservation : 4,00 € / person Duration: 1h30 to 2h

Services available on-site
Picnic Area / Toilets / Disabled access only ground floor /
Dogs allowed on a lead
Payment Methods Accepted
Cash, Cheques and postal orders

Castle Usson
09460 Rouze
Tel: 04 68 20 43 92
email: ot@donezan.com
Site: www.donezan.com

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CASTLE of ARQUEScastle arques Aude


tourisme castle cathar arques



Intérieur château Arques Tourisme et patrimoine



March, October and November : 10h-13h and 14h-17h
April to June and September : 10h-13h and 14h-18h
July and August : 10h -19h
Closed in January, February and December

House Déodat Roché :
March and October to mid -November 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. 2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. et
April to June and September 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. 2:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. et
July and August 10:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Closed in January, February and mid-November to late December
2013 Individual Rates
Adult : 5 €
Child: 2 €
Passport adult fare : € 4 AND partnerships ( Rennes le Chateau , guide book … ) : 4 €



OTHER Cathar castles

Termes-Durfort-Lastours-Miglos-Miramont-Niort-Padern-Pieusse-Roquefixade-Saissac-Villerouge-Termenès Aguilar -La – Carcassonne –

The castles of TERMES and DURFORT

cathar castle  durfort

Castle Durfort

Castle ruin Durfort still has a watch tower and turrets. The castle overlooks the valley of the Orbieu.



Cathar castle

Aude cathar castle TERMES




cathar castles

Castle of Aguilar


Castle Latours

pyrenees castles france

castles Lastours in Aude France

Castle Miglos

Pays cathare et ses châteaux

Castle Miglos

Castle Padern


Padern Cathar castle france

casle Padern


Castle Saissac


cathar castles saissac france

castle of Saissac

Castle Villerouge Termenès

cathar castle Termenes villerouge france

Fortress castel Termenes-villerouge, aude, France

Your visit will cost € 6 for adults and € 2 for children 6-15 years.

Restaurant medieval  Termenes villerouge forteress cathar france

medieaval Restaurant castle Termenes-villerouge aude




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