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Carcassonne, medieval city

Carcassonne Medieval City


Camping near Carcassone 1 hour (65kms), the Moulin du Pont Alies, your campsite in Aude offers an overview of this wonderful medieval walled city

Carcassonne: its history

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It is a unusual  architectural ensemble characterized by its double wall , reaching three kilometers long , with its 52 laps . Inside the city, a castle and a basilica reminds us of the importance of this place . This gigantic fortification was restored in the nineteenth century by Eugène Viollet Leduc under the leadership of JP Cros- Mayrevieille to be classified in 1997 as World Heritage by UNESCO.

Overlooking the Aude and the city of Carcassonne , the city is in the Black Mountain and the Pyrenees, the main route linking the Mediterranean to the Atlantic.


Through archaeological excavations of many ceramic fragments prove that the site was already a major trading center in ancient Rome already fortified, the old ” oppidum Carcasso .”

The walls Protector nascent city from the second century serve as fondation of the current walls.

Then the city from the fifth century is in the hands of the Visigoths . Francs dominate  Aquitaine, try for a long time to regain the city without success. And between 725 and 752 Muslims seized the city until Pepin Le Bref reconquer the city.

In feudal times , under the Trencavel family , Carcassonne extends and is adorned with a cathedral and a castle that will undergo many transformations. It was at this time that a new religion is born : the Cathars . Innocent III , faced with the rise of Catharism asked barons from Languedoc to the crusade against the Albigensians .

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crédit phot: Jacques Duval

Raymon -Roger Trencavel goes quickly to save his city will become the headquarters troops crossed . The land is then given to Simon de Montfort, leader of the Crusaders and then move on to his son who unable to manage to give Louis VIII . Hunting Cathar is not over as long a period of terror and then established with an outbreak of violence against the people . The Inquisition moves which you can still see the stronghold in the precincts of the city. King Louis IX built the second enclosure to protect Raimond Trencavel who want to recover their lands and the King of Aragon that threatens the city. After a final seat, Raymond Trenclavel waive his rights and Carcassonne définitvement returns to the field of France .

During the wars of religion , Carcassonne is an important bastion in the defense against the Huguenots . After some uncertain years of fighting, the people rallied again the crown of France .

From the date of the Treaty of the Pyrenees, the city was gradually abandoned not its inhabitants who settled in the lower city that thrives with the cloth industry . The citadel is degraded and no longer interested in its people. This decline continues until 1853 dated restoration project.

Restoration carried out by Viollet -Le-Duc is very critical because of the many architectural renderings that the master is allowed. Despite the historical errors, the site carcasonne enables efficient visualization of what could be the city in medieval times.

Having long been under the supervision of the Ministry of War , Carcassonne passes the Fine Arts.

In 1944 , Carcassonne is occupied by the Germans that store explosives and ammunition in the Count’s castle before becoming a museum in 1961 .

Today , the city receives more than two million visitors a year and has become just as the Mont Saint Michel , a major destination .

Your route from your campsite to Carcasonne

From the campsite Le Moulin du Pont d’Aliès , take the D117 towards Quillan
Then the D118 to Couiza , then, still on the D118 you cross Limoux towards Carcassonne .

What to visit in Carcassone ?

1 – Narbonne Gate Barbican and St. Louis,
2 – Barbican Gate and Saint -Nazaire ,
3 – Porte d’ Aude,
4 – Gate and Barbican Bourg Notre Dame
5 – Count castle surrounded by a moat and built along the inner chamber ,
6 – Barbican is protecting the entrance to the castle ,
7 – Barbican Aude, now destroyed ,
8 – Church of Saint- Nazaire .

In addition, given the magnitude of the tourism phenomenon linked to the city , many events are organized .

  • Festival City is held every summer in the Jean Deschamps theater in the heart of the city and to discover several plays , opera and concerts.
  • The burning of the city takes place every year on July 14 and is a unique fireworks of its kind each year attracting nearly 700,000 spectators.

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  • camping CarcassoneCity Marathon takes place within the city of Carcassonne and its surroundings every early October.
    The Medieval is a medieval reenactment show which takes place in August and includes street entertainment and jousting.


See you soon at camping Le Moulin du Pont Alies, Camping near Carcassonne, which will give you all the information for a pleasant visit.

Expect during your stay at the campsite a whole day in Carcassonne, you will not be disappointed!

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