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Tour around the country Axat in Aude, France

Our favorites for remote visits from 15 minutes to 1:30 your camping Le Moulin du Pont d’ Aliès . Family , hikers, nature lovers , history buffs , there’s something for everyone in the diversity of proposed activities our beautiful Cathar country , in the Aude at the foot of the eastern Pyrenees . Here’s a taste of what you will discover.

 CAVES around Axat

Aguzou cave in the town of Escouloubre to visit a mini underground ride from two hours to one day. Visit this cavity remained in its natural state , without planning is an extraordinary journey into the underworld and time . By a small group, we guide you on a journey you will discover mineral wealth uncommon . Equipment (helmet, lights and combination ) is provided but you need to equip yourself with boots and a warm sweater.

Open all year by appointment : 0468204538 Visit from € 25 per half day.
15 kms from the campsite Moulin du Pont Alies .

Cave Lombrive at Ussat Les Bains is the largest cave in Europe with its network of 39kms established on 7 levels. Several courses are visiting : 1:00 , first discovered the great discovery for 2h or 3h for the exceptional discovery, true journey to the center of the earth. Departure is by train. Reservations at 05 61 05 98 40 . Adult rates ranging from 9.50 to € 15.00 and children € 6.50 € 11.00 .

This site is 1:21 Camping le Moulin du Pont of Alies .

The giant chasm Cabesprine opens onto a huge cavity 80m wide and 220 m high. It is ranked among the largest in the world. An extraordinary exhibition of aragonite and calcite crystals with incredible shapes and unreal dimensions make this visit a fantastic journey. Enter adults € 9.90 € 6.20 entrance children . Booking 04 68 26 14 22 . The site of the gulf is 1:25 Camping Moulin du Pont of Alies .


African Reserve Sigean.

At 1:40 Axat , the African reserve is visited first by car and then on foot and lasts about 4 hours. Animals to discover : dwarf buffalo , ostriches , antelopes ( Impalas , Springboks , Wildebeest , Kobs waterbuck , kudu , blesbok , Sitatunga , etc), Giraffes , Lions , Bears Tibet, White Rhinos , Zebras , Ox Watussis for car part and African elephants, giraffes , chimpanzees , Camels , Cheetahs , Wild Dogs , Great kudu , Meerkats, Reptiles and Birds for the party on foot. Information 04 68 48 20 20 .


The garden of fragrant plants Limoux.
At 0:41 Camping le Moulin du Pont Alies , sensory garden “The Bouichère ” offers 2 hectares dedicated to scented plants that will delight you with their delicate and varied odors. The Bouichère is also fruit trees, a vegetable garden, a pool of exotic birds and a few animals. Sale of rare plants and collectibles. Reservations : 04 68 31 49 94 . Rates € 6.90 for adults and € 3.90.

The medieval castle park Chalabre
A 41 minute Axat , this medieval route allows you to be an actor medieval activities : calligraphy, Forges, Archery , Heraldry , Master builders tales enchanted medieval dances , pillory fun … everything is done for you transport in the history of the Middle Ages. You will witness a knights’ tournament and taste the cuisine spicy scents of the distant past . Prices for adults from 12 years € 14.50 , children 10.00 ( free for children under 4 years). Reservations: 04 68 69 37 85

The Accroparc Alet les Bains
A half an hour of camping mill of Alies Bridge, this park offers fun activities and 4 treetop corresponding to different ages and levels. Rates from 17 € to 20 € . Booking 04 68 69 94 86



The museum La Chapellerie
Stepping back in time when Esperaza was the capital of French millinery, this museum offers you to discover all the steps of making a hat with a restored factory. So you can see the entire chain of production, wool felting gilding the braid will dress cap , through dyeing, the crowd , forming …
It should be noted that the entry is FREE Information: 04 68 74 00 75
You can also buy at the museum shop a hat made ​​from the only factory who managed to resist the de-industrialization of the Aude, plant Montazel ​​adjacent Esperaza .
To get there it takes 30 minutes from Axat .

The Dinosaur Museum
Still Esperaza visit museum exhibit strong skeletons impressive 3500m2 exhibition giants dinosaurs, making it the largest museum devoted to reptilian ancestors after Paris . The bones were found on the site of the largest French dinosaurs deposit located in Campagne sur Aude . Prices: adults € 8.70 and € 6.20 Free for children under 5 years. Information 04 68 74 26 88

6 hectares, Amphoralis immerses you in the world of pottery and its history. A village potter was reconstituted in an existing plant environment to the Gallo- Roman period. You will discover everything from manufacturing, firing pottery and daily potters antiquity.
Prices: Adults € 6 Children over 6 years 4 € . Reservations : 04 68 46 89 48



Green maze Nebias
Do not miss this wonderful journey that takes you through a maze of vegetation conducive to peace , labyrinthine trail of rocks and shrubs. See the lyre tree, curiosity maze. You can also discover the path ” Cani Salvatge ” and ” garric vielh ” punctuated other natural wonders .
Departure is at Nebias , the windmill. In addition to this walk, you can visit the castle of the XIII century , the St. Clair sixteenth century, many fountains and wash houses in the village chapel .

Throats of  Galamus
By their impressive verticality and depth Galamus gorges are one of the most remarkable sites in the Pyrenees . They house the shrine of Saint Antoine Galamus which exists since the seventh century , first in the form of a cave hanging on the wall and with a chapel . Juniper overlooking the stairs are for many of them older than 500 years.
Access is very easy Camping le Moulin du Pont Alíes road Saint -Paul-de Fenouillet , the grooves are 30kms Camping Moulin du Pont of Alies .

Many other throats are to be discovered in the country of Aude, the Arriege and eastern Pyrenees : Orbieu , Terms , Verdouble …
Inquire at the house of the Pyrenees , tourism office adjacent camping Moulin du Pont d’Alies Axat in France.